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Public Attributes

_AbacusPart Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

Boolean ancientRoman
int anomaly
int anomalySq
char * aString
int aux
Pixel background
int base
Pixel beadColor [3]
Point beadSize
Pixel borderColor
GC borderGC
char * bString
Pixmap bufferBead [3][2][2]
char * bumpSound
int carry [2]
Boolean carryAnomaly
Boolean carryAnomalySq
int carryStep
Colormap colormap
int colorScheme
char * cString
int currentDeck
int currentPosition
int currentRail
Boolean decimalComma
int decimalPosition
int deck
DeckPart decks [MAX_DECKS]
int delay
Point delta
Boolean demo
Boolean diamond
char * digits
int displayBase
double divisor
Boolean focus
Pixel foreground
char * format
FILE * fp
Pixel frameColor
GC frameGC
Point frameSize
Boolean group
int groupSize
int * intGroup
GC inverseGC
Boolean latin
Boolean lee
struct _AbacusPartleftAux
Pixel leftAuxColor
int leftAuxRails
int lower
char * mathBuffer
int menu
Position midBarY
Position midHeight
Boolean minusSign
int mode
Boolean modernRoman
Boolean mono
char * moveSound
char * museum
int number
int numDigits
int numSlices
Point offset
TimeVal oldTime
char op
int pixmapSize
Point pos
int pressOffsetX
int pressOffsetY
int qDigit
int qPosition
int rail
Pixel railColor [3]
GC railGC [3]
int railIndex
int rails
Position railWidth
int reg
int regCount
Boolean reverse
struct _AbacusPartrightAux
Pixel rightAuxColor
int rightAuxRails
Boolean rightToLeftAdd
Boolean rightToLeftMult
Boolean romanNumerals
char * rString
Boolean script
XtCallbackList select
int shiftAnomaly
int shiftAnomalySq
int shiftPercent
Boolean sign
Boolean slot
Boolean sound
char * sString
int state
int step
int subbase
int subbead
int subdeck
int submode
GC symbolGC
Boolean teach
char * teachBuffer
int upper
Boolean versionOnly
Boolean vertical
Position width

Detailed Description

Definition at line 200 of file AbacusP.h.

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