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 * @(#)AbacusP.h
 * Copyright 1994 - 2009  David A. Bagley, bagleyd@tux.org
 * Abacus demo and neat pointers from
 * Copyright 1991 - 1998  Luis Fernandes, elf@ee.ryerson.ca
 * All rights reserved.
 * Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and
 * its documentation for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted,
 * provided that the above copyright notice appear in all copies and
 * that both that copyright notice and this permission notice appear in
 * supporting documentation, and that the name of the author not be
 * used in advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of the
 * software without specific, written prior permission.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be "useful",
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

/* Private header file for Abacus */

#ifndef _AbacusP_h
#define _AbacusP_h
#include "xwin.h"
#include "timer.h"
#include "Abacus.h"

#ifdef WINVER
#ifndef DEMOPATH
#define DEMOPATH "c:\\WINDOWS"

extern void destroyAbacus(AbacusWidget w, HBRUSH brush);
extern void resizeAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void initializeAbacus(AbacusWidget w, HBRUSH brush);
extern void exposeAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void hideAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void selectAbacus(AbacusWidget w, const int x, const int y);
extern void releaseAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void clearAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void complementAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void incrementAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void decrementAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void changeFormatAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void changeMuseumAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void toggleRomanNumeralsAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void toggleGroupingAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void toggleNegativeSignAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void toggleQuartersAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void toggleQuarterPercentsAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void toggleTwelfthsAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void toggleSubdecksAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void toggleEighthsAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void toggleAnomalyAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void toggleWatchAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void speedUpAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void slowDownAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void toggleSoundAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void toggleRightToLeftAddAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void toggleRightToLeftMultAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void enterAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern void leaveAbacus(AbacusWidget w);
extern Boolean checkSubdeck(AbacusWidget w, int position);
extern void setAbacusString(AbacusWidget w, int reason, char *string);

extern void initializeAbacusDemo(AbacusWidget w);
extern void exposeAbacusDemo(AbacusWidget w);
extern void clearAbacusDemo(AbacusWidget w);
extern void toggleDemoAbacusDemo(AbacusWidget w);
extern void showNextAbacusDemo(AbacusWidget w);
extern void showRepeatAbacusDemo(AbacusWidget w);
extern void showJumpAbacusDemo(AbacusWidget w);
extern void showMoreAbacusDemo(AbacusWidget w);
extern void showChapterAbacusDemo(AbacusWidget w, int chapt);


#ifdef VMS
#ifndef DEMOPATH
#define DEMOPATH "[.]"
#ifndef DEMOPATH
#if 0
#define DEMOPATH "/usr/share/games/xabacus"
#define DEMOPATH "/usr/local/share/games/xabacus"

#define LONG long long
#define LONG_LONG_MAX 9223372036854775807LL
#define LONG long
#ifndef LONG_MAX
#define LONG_MAX 2147483647L

00113 typedef struct _AbacusClassPart {
      int         ignore;
} AbacusClassPart;

00117 typedef struct _AbacusClassRec {
      CoreClassPart coreClass;
      AbacusClassPart abacusClass;
} AbacusClassRec;

extern AbacusClassRec abacusClassRec;

#define BUMPSOUND "bump"
#define MOVESOUND "move"

#define MAX_DECKS 2
#define UP 1
#define DOWN 0
#define TOP 1
#define BOTTOM 0
#define CARRY 2   /* If you have a strange abacus you may have to increase this
               also need a space to hold null (not included) */
#define SPECIAL_PIECES 2 /* Pieces, PiecePercents */

#define CHAPTERS 5

#define LINES 4
#define CHARS 64

#define MAX_SLICES 10
#define COUNTRY_SIZE 3
#define STRING_SIZE 81
#define MAX_SHADES 12

#define NORMAL 1
#define DOUBLE 2
#define INSTANT 3

#define NEWPOS(dir,x) ((((dir)==UP)?-1:1)*(x))
#define VDRAWLINE(w,dr,c,x1,y1,x2,y2) if (w->abacus.vertical) \
      {DRAWLINE(w,dr,c,y1,x1,y2,x2);} else {DRAWLINE(w,dr,c,x1,y1,x2,y2);}
#define VDRAWRECTANGLE(w,dr,c,i,j,l,h) if (w->abacus.vertical) \
      {DRAWRECTANGLE(w,dr,c,j,i,h,l);} else {DRAWRECTANGLE(w,dr,c,i,j,l,h);}
#define VFILLRECTANGLE(w,dr,c,i,j,l,h) if (w->abacus.vertical) \
      {FILLRECTANGLE(w,dr,c,j,i,h,l);} else {FILLRECTANGLE(w,dr,c,i,j,l,h);}
#define VDRAWCIRCLE(w,dr,c,d,x,y) if (w->abacus.vertical) \
      {DRAWCIRCLE(w,dr,c,d,y,x);} else {DRAWCIRCLE(w,dr,c,d,x,y);}
#define VFILLCIRCLE(w,dr,c,d,x,y) if (w->abacus.vertical) \
      {FILLCIRCLE(w,dr,c,d,y,x);} else {FILLCIRCLE(w,dr,c,d,x,y);}
#define VPOLYGON(w,dr,c,cl,l,n,b1,b2) if (w->abacus.vertical) \
      {int i,t; for (i=0;i<n;i++) {t=l[i].x; l[i].x=l[i].y; l[i].y=t;} \
      POLYGON(w,dr,c,cl,l,n,b1,b2);} else {POLYGON(w,dr,c,cl,l,n,b1,b2);}
#define vfillRectClip(w,dr,c,dx,dy,sx,sy,o,wo,ws) if (w->abacus.vertical) \
      {fillRectClipX(w,dr,c,dy,dx,sy,sx,o,wo,ws);} else \

00175 typedef struct _MuseumPart {
      char        museum[MAX_MUSEUMS];    /* 2 char country code of museum */
      Boolean     separateSlots;
} MuseumPart;

00180 typedef struct _SubdeckPart {
      int         number;
      int         factor;
      int         position;
      int         spaces;     /* spaces between beads */
      int         room; /* spaces + number */
      Position    height;
} SubdeckPart;

00189 typedef struct _DeckPart {
      int         number;
      Boolean     orientation;
      int         factor;
      int        *position;
      int         spaces;     /* spaces between beads */
      int         room; /* spaces + number */
      Position    height;
      int         piece, piecePercent;
} DeckPart;

00200 typedef struct _AbacusPart {
      DeckPart    decks[MAX_DECKS];
      SubdeckPart *subdecks;
      int         currentDeck, currentRail, currentPosition;
      int         rails;      /* number of columns of beads */
      int         decimalPosition, numDigits;
      int         base, displayBase;      /* 10 usually */
      int         subdeck, subbead, subbase;
      int         shiftPercent, shiftAnomaly, shiftAnomalySq;
      int         groupSize, anomaly, anomalySq;
      int         delay, numSlices, mode, submode, colorScheme, railIndex;
      int         leftAuxRails, rightAuxRails;
      int         aux, deck, rail, number;
      int         pressOffsetX, pressOffsetY;
      Position    width, midHeight, midBarY, railWidth;
      Point       frameSize, beadSize;
      Point       pos, delta, offset;
      Boolean     sign, minusSign, romanNumerals, group, decimalComma;
      Boolean     carryAnomaly, carryAnomalySq;
      Boolean     mono, reverse, focus, vertical;
      Boolean     script, demo, teach, lee;
      Boolean     latin, modernRoman, ancientRoman;
      Boolean     versionOnly;
      Boolean     slot, diamond, sound;
      char       *digits, *mathBuffer;
      FILE       *fp;
      GC          frameGC, borderGC, symbolGC, railGC[3], inverseGC;
      GC          beadShadeGC[MAX_SHADES];
      Pixmap      bufferBead[3][2][2];
      TimeVal     oldTime;
      Boolean     rightToLeftAdd, rightToLeftMult;
      int         step, carry[2], lower, upper, carryStep, state;
      int         reg, regCount, qDigit, qPosition;
      double      divisor;
      char        op;
      int        *intGroup;
      struct _AbacusPart *leftAux, *rightAux;
#ifdef WINVER
      char        format[STRING_SIZE], museum[COUNTRY_SIZE];
      char        bumpSound[STRING_SIZE], moveSound[STRING_SIZE];
      char        aString[STRING_SIZE], bString[STRING_SIZE];
      char        cString[STRING_SIZE], rString[STRING_SIZE];
      char        sString[STRING_SIZE];
      char        helperBuffer[STRING_SIZE];
      char       *format, *museum, *bumpSound, *moveSound;
      char       *aString, *bString, *cString, *rString, *sString;
      char       *teachBuffer;
      int         menu, pixmapSize;
      Colormap    colormap;
      Pixel       foreground, background;
      Pixel       borderColor, frameColor;
      Pixel       beadColor[3], railColor[3];
      Pixel       leftAuxColor, rightAuxColor;
      XtCallbackList select;
} AbacusPart;

00258 typedef struct _AbacusDemoPart {
      int         chapterCount;
      int         lessons[CHAPTERS], lessonLength, lessonCount;
      int         aux, deck, rail, number, lines;
      int         fontHeight;
      FILE       *fp;
      Boolean     chapter, query, started, framed;
      GC          foregroundGC;
#ifdef WINVER
      char        path[STRING_SIZE];
      GC          inverseGC;
      char       *path, *font;
      XFontStruct *fontInfo;
      Pixel       background, foreground;
      XtCallbackList select;
} AbacusDemoPart;

00277 typedef struct _AbacusRec {
      CorePart    core;
      AbacusPart  abacus;
      AbacusDemoPart abacusDemo;
} AbacusRec;

extern void setAbacus(AbacusWidget w, int reason);
extern void setAbacusDemo(AbacusWidget w, int reason);
extern void setAbacusMove(AbacusWidget w, int reason, int aux,
      int deck, int rail, int number);
extern void setAbacusText(AbacusWidget w, int reason, char * text, int line);
extern int char2Int(char character);
extern char int2Char(int digit);

extern void dividePieces(char * buf, int base, int pieces,
      int mult, int places, char decimalPoint);
extern void shiftDecimal(char *buf, char *aBuf, int shift, int place,
      char decimalPoint);
extern void addStrings(char *finalBuf, char *buf, char *pieceBuf,
      int base, char decimalPoint);
extern void subStrings(char *finalBuf, char *buf, char *pieceBuf,
      int base);
extern void convertString(char * buf, char * inbuf,
      int base, int displayBase, int decimalPosition,
      int anomaly, int shiftAnomaly, Boolean carryAnomaly,
      int anomalySq, int shiftAnomalySq, Boolean carryAnomalySq,
      char decimalPoint);

extern int sizeofRoman(int base, Boolean romanNumerals, Boolean ancientRoman);
extern int string2Roman(char *buf, char *inbuf, int base,
      int pieces, int number, int subnumber, int subbase,
      char decimalPoint, Boolean ancientRoman, Boolean latin);
extern void string2Group(char *buf, char *inbuf, int groupSize,
      char decimalPoint, char groupSeparator);
extern void calculate(AbacusWidget w, char *buffer, int aux);
extern void teachStep(AbacusWidget w, char *buffer, int aux);
extern LONG multPower(int m, int x, int n);
extern Boolean checkPiece(AbacusWidget w);
extern Boolean checkPiecePercent(AbacusWidget w);
extern Boolean checkSubdeck(AbacusWidget w, int position);

extern int convertBaseToBottom(int base);
extern int rootInt(int i, int n);

extern void clearRails(AbacusWidget w);
extern void clearAuxRails(AbacusWidget w, int aux);
extern void addBackAnomaly(char * buf, int anomaly, int shift, int base);
extern void zeroFractionalPart(char * buf);
extern void convertStringToAbacus(AbacusWidget w, char *string, int aux);
extern double convertToDecimal(int base, char *inputString);
extern void convertFromInteger(char *outputString, int base, int x);
extern void convertFromDouble(char *outputString, int base, double x);
#ifdef WINVER
extern void drawDemoText(const char* line, int i);
extern void drawTeachText(const char* line, int i);

#endif /* _AbacusP_h */

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